I bought Dr Khalili's book on yoga and pilates after seeing it on a friends coffee table. I was grabbed by the info given "Yet when it comes to exercise in general, and yoga and Pilates in particular, this system of regular checkups and knowledge-based adjustments is oddly absent." This is a great read and can only give the reader insights and positivity into their health and well being. Highly recommended.
Grahak Cunningham - Motivational Speaker

How fortunate we are to have this wealth of knowledge offered so genuinely by Dr. Kevin Khalili. His extensive research and expertise has propelled me to become a more conscious yogi. Having literally been conceived during yoga retreat at Oxford University and rose with a yoga awareness and practice (my father taught yoga at my elementary school), it’s no surprise that embrace and have a fondness for everything yoga embodies, including both lifestyle and asanas (poses). However, there were always a few poses that I found difficult or painful, one being the popular “downward-facing dog.” Dr. Khalili explained to me the uniqueness of each person’s body. I agree that this uniqueness must be considered when beginning a yoga practice in order to avoid injury or long-term imbalance. Dr. Khalili demonstrates alternative poses or modifications to your favorite poses so you can still enjoy your yoga practice. How blessed I am to have become aware of my unique body structure through spinal x-ray images and personal evaluation by Dr. Khalili. I can now practice yoga with heightened consciousness and pleasure knowing that I am protecting myself from injury and pain. Many thanks to Dr. Khalili!!
Zoe Reheem, RDH, Yogi & Super Human Yoga & Pilates model , Los Angeles, CA

In this book Dr. Khalili points out several body positions that many people find themselves in -- either during the day while sitting at a computer for hours, or at night sleeping in improper positions -- and the potential problems they can lead to. He clearly explains with numerous references why these positions contribute to improper spinal alignment and/or poor posture, including rounded shoulders and decreased neck and low back curves. Why should exercise duplicate these positions and possibly contribute to worsening any problems? It's so common to see people performing exercises with their head and neck pulled forward, their shoulders rounded forward and unnecessary stress placed on their low back - all in the name of achieving "core strength." In my Pilates practice I have found it easy to either modify or eliminate certain exercises to emphasize more neutral spinal curve and contribute to a more ideal posture. Dr.Khalili also stresses the importance of obtaining spinal x-rays to insure ones exercise choices are safe for them. I can speak from personal experience that once he examined my own spinal x-rays, it changed my Pilates practice. With the information gained through x-rays, I have been able to specifically tailor a Pilate’s workout to meet the needs of my body. X-rays should be an important component of everyone’s health and fitness routine. This just makes sense.
CherieKubel, M.B.A., Pilates Instructor, Carpinteria, CA

Dr.Khalili's book Super Human Yoga & Pilates sounds an overdue alarm bell to the fitness industry, as well as to the practice of chiropractic medicine. We would do ourselves well to heed it. His book offers exercise modifications based on empirical facts - one's spinal X-rays. As a Pilate’s instructor, I was trained to assess one's spinal structure based on gait observation and spinal movement...until I found Dr. Kevin Khalili. Like most chiropractors, his underlying theory of healing is based on the concept of “ideal spine”. Unlike most chiropractors, his daily practice is based on the person's actual spinal situation. Insisting on spinal x-rays aids not only his work, but also helps determine which exercises contribute to back pain, and which aid in the mitigation or even elimination of it. In my case, after developing a degenerative lumbar disc while competing as a gymnast for 15 years, I had been told flexion of the lumbar would alleviate the pain. While serving to palliate my pain, the flexion actually exasperated it. Once I moved toward more passive extension work, (thanks to Dr. Khalili assessment of my spinal x-rays), my back pain essentially disappeared. In my own practice today, I always insist my clients with significant issues receive a proper diagnosis based on X-Ray analysis (www.idealspine.com).What an invaluable tool Dr.Khalili has given me, and all of us.
KiranDeWilde,M.A., Certified Pilates & GYROTONIC™Instructor, Santa Barbara, CA

As a Yoga Teacher, I have to acknowledge that for a lot of us Westerners, yoga is about looking good. Many in the Western world have not yet understood the real meaning of yoga: the union with the SELF. Instead it is approached as if it is a sport. Asanas (postures) are only one aspect of yoga. For me it is all about the inner world – not so much how we look as how we feel. I found Kevin’s work very much in alignment with my theory. Each and every one of us is different and unique. Each yoga student has to learn first and foremost to listen and tune into her/his own body. With Kevin’s work, this tuning inward becomes very real. Looking into our inner body through an x-ray allows us to relate to the spine in a whole new way. Seeing the structure of our spine, versus just feeling it, allows a new dimension of relating to it.Kevin’s modifications for some yoga asanas are wonderful. They allow everyone to take part in yoga without harming themselves.
Ma Dhyan Siddhi, Kundalini,Naam & Prenatal Teacher

Dr Khalili is by far the BEST Chiropractor I have ever been to. Several years ago I was in a serious car accident. I went from doctor to doctor trying to get help for my pain and be able to walk again. I was referred to Dr Khalili and it was the best referral I ever received. I could barely walk on my first visit to this office. With him as my doc and the Laser he used on me, several visits later I was able to RUN out of his office. I have been doing great ever since. This man gave me quality back to my life. All I wanted to be able to do was walk my dog again and we walk 2 miles every morning.I will always be grateful and if you are suffering with pain, you MUST go see this man, he is truly the BEST of the BEST!!!
Helene S Keddington, Mandalay Shores, California