Super Human Tennis

Super Human Tennis is designed to help tennis players reach their peak potential on the court by dramatically optimizing their off-court regimen. This innovative, easy-to-follow little black book of tennis secrets contains life-changing knowledge that, if followed, will improve your game and prevent pain or injury from virtually EVER occurring. Grounded in medical research but easy to understand, this compact volume is portable enough to fit in your tennis bag, so you can follow its regimen on the road or at home. Developed over 20 years of professional practice, the program it describes is safe, effective, challenging, affordable, and even fun.

In my first book, Super Human Yoga & Pilates, I helped establish a safer standard of practice for those two popular exercise systems.   In this book, I want to help tennis players achieve superhuman abilities on the court by dramatically optimizing their off-court regimen.

Most tennis players are quite adept at using and maintaining the very best equipment (footwear, socks, strings, racquets, grips, clothes, balls, eyewear, sweatbands etc.). It often puzzles me why this mindset hasn’t yet universally translated to their bodies. Granted, some players make attempts at an off-court game, but they often fall way short of what their bodies really need.

It saddens me when I hear how many players have to take over-the-counter medications (NSAIDS) to mask their discomfort and keep playing.  I know that eventually the medication will fail to work, which puts the player at high risk of not EVER playing again.

Take a moment and ask yourself: “What do you desire most from playing tennis?”

  • Is it to win?
  • Is it to play better?
  • Is it to play without developing pain or injury?
  • Or, is it simply something you enjoy and would like to keep doing it for as long as possible?

Whichever answer is yours – including “all of the above” — you then have to ask yourself:  “What am I doing to guarantee fulfillment of my tennis needs?”

If your answer is “I’m not sure” or “Probably not enough,” you are an excellent candidate for my breakthrough body enhancement and protection system, Super Human Tennis.

I have a bachelor of science degree in physical education from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1970.I also did graduate studies at Cal Poly and Sacramento State in kinesiology and physiology. I received “All American” honors in 1970 in tennis and played #1 singles & doubles for the team that finished second in the nation that year.

For the past 41 years, I have coached at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club as Director of tennis and Head Pro. I was fortunate to have developed dozens of highly ranked players, including two U.S. Open junior champions (Mike Falberg, 1980, and Tim Triguiero, 1985). Both attained top-five world junior rankings. I continue to develop young talent, including national champions Spencer Simon and Kayla Day (2013 National Hard-Court Champion, Girls 14 and 2013 USTA National Winter Champion, Girls 16). I also had the privilege of coaching Santa Barbara City College in 1989, helping that team win its only state title – an accomplishment for which I was awarded Western States Conference Coach of the Year.

I am very impressed with Kevin Khalili’s newest book, Super Human Tennis. I wish I had Kevin’s protocol when I was playing. It would have benefited me greatly, both in performance and injury maintenance and prevention. Fortunately, many of my current students are benefiting from methods outlined in his book. Kevin has created an easy-to-use breakthrough off-court methodology for promoting optimum biomechanics and injury prevention.

I am very thankful for making Kevin’s acquaintance over 10 years ago. He has been very effective at getting me through a few injuries and back on the court doing what I love. He has also been an invaluable resource in keeping many of my students, young and old, playing at their best possible level. I referred to Kevin as a world-class healer to the parent of one of my best students when she needed help. He is, in fact, just that, and I am happy he is sharing some of his knowledge in his book, Super Human Tennis.

~ Larry Mousouris, Tennis Instructor, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, Santa Barbara, CA USA

I am the tennis director at Knowlwood Tennis Club and have coached tennis for over 40 years. My students have ranged from beginners to nationally ranked players with full college scholarships. I have also coached players on the pro tour, including one on the men’s tour who reached a ranking of No. 31 in the world.

Due to the increasing physical demands of staying competitive in today’s modern game, players are incurring more and more injuries. Without question, if you dedicate the time to master Dr. Khalili’s off-court techniques in his breakthrough book, it will give you that competitive edge by not only keeping you on the court without pain or injury, but also by optimizing your level of performance. When combining Dr. Khalili’s methods with proper on-the-court training, practice, and coaching, you will achieve your full potential, both physically and mentally. I recommend his book to all players seeking to play top-level high school, college, or professional tennis. I also strongly believe the information in Super Human Tennis is a tremendous asset for all tennis instructors to learn and pass on to their students.

~ Jerry Hatchett, Tennis Director, Knowlwood Tennis Club, Montecito, CA USA

As a junior player, I was ranked nationally, and then went on to play tennis for Pepperdine University under Coach Allen Fox for 4 years. I then became the director of tennis at the Aspen Club in Aspen, Colorado. Currently, I am a certified USPTA tennis instructor with 30 years of experience. With a lot of years and tread behind me, I still strive to perform every day at the highest level I can achieve. For each and every one of us, that comes down to how well we prepare both physically and mentally. Maximizing performance requires educating yourself, which is why Dr. Khalili’s book is so valuable.

I am quite sure that if you apply the practices and techniques laid out in Super Human Tennis, you will be long on your way to achieving that sound body and mind we are all striving for. Kevin has convinced me that most injuries are preventable. If people are properly educated and conditioned, most injuries are avoidable.

On the court with clients and friends, I am constantly referring to Kevin’s techniques, such as how to properly stretch specific muscle groups. Because of Kevin and his teachings, I am able to spend more time on the court than off of it. Thanks, Kevin!

~ Mike White, USPTA Tennis Instructor, Alisal Tennis Club, Solvang, CA USA

I am currently the head coach for boys and girls tennis at Santa Barbara High School. I played Division One tennis for Harvard College, and played semi-professionally in Europe. I also coached a team of highly ranked USTA juniors as they toured through Europe playing ITF tournaments.

The subject of Kevin’s book will be extremely helpful to the tennis community, as it focuses on logical, easy-to-follow strategies to maximize one’s performance through increased muscle strength and pain prevention. These areas are often ignored by athletes and coaches, but they are critical to tennis players of all ages. I started working with Kevin five years ago at a time when I was struggling with significant shoulder and neck pain. Ever since I started adopting Kevin’s body enhancement and protection system, I have been enjoying tennis relatively pain-free, and am confident that I will be able to enjoy playing the game for the rest of my life.

~ Greg Tebbe, Boys & Girls Tennis Team Head Coach, Santa Barbara High School, Santa Barbara, CA USA

I am a certified USPTA teaching professional and have been teaching in Santa Barbra, California for over 10 years. As a player development coach, I regularly work with second- to sixth-graders, as well as with at-risk students after school hours.

I played Division One tennis on scholarship at Boise State University and San Diego State University, where I earned a degree in kinesiology with an emphasis on physical education. I played professional tournaments in the summers in California, and Opens all year round, until teaching and the body started to take its toll. Nagging back spasms kept me sidelined too long, and I eventually had to stop playing professionally. If I had a regimen that maintained my body’s physical health, like the one Dr. Khalili describes, I’d still be in the game.

Dr. Kevin Khalili’s book, Super Human Tennis, can and will do what it says it will do, as long as you follow its guidelines. Like all regimens, it will take time and lead to some pain at first. But the longer you adhere to the program, the more results you will see. This book will help anyone get over the pain of injuries, whether they just occurred or are nagging old problems. It will completely make sense as to why your body is functioning the way it does now, and you will quickly understand how it can be improved. Do the massages and exercise routinely, and you won’t get tired or develop an injury. Do the nutritional guide as best as you can and you will see and feel the results.

Back spasms took hold of me just when I thought I was doing great, I had to seek professional attention, and a close friend recommended Dr. Khalili. After seeing him regularly for a year or so, I am happy to say I am pain free. Anyone and everyone I have sent to him have said they feel so much better. If private sessions with him are not possible, his book is the next best thing.

~ Adam Webster, USPTA Tennis Instructor, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, Santa Barbara, CA USA

This book will be great for the professional athlete, high school or college player who is looking long term & big picture, and appreciates that technical work, and on-court drilling and playing, are only one part of your development as a tennis player.

If it is your intention to be the best player you can be, and to have a long, healthy tennis career, either professionally, or as a college athlete, it will be to your advantage if you can incorporate even just some of these training programs into your regular training regimen.

~ Anthony Lopez, Tennis Instructor, Birnam Wood Golf & Tennis Club, Montecito, CA USA

Super Human Tennis has given me the tools to stay on the tennis court and off the injury list. The biggest thing it has taught me is that with regular maintenance your body can perform at a high level every day. It is a must-read for every player regardless of level.

~ Raphael Wolfe, Tennis Player, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, Carpinteria, CA USA