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Repetitive Stress Disorders

The term repetitive abnormal motion is most commonly referred to as a repetitive stress disorder. It sometimes takes years of micro-trauma or stress to develop the pain and symptoms of a repetitive stress disorder. Some of the most common ones include shoulder impingement syndrome, tennis/golfer’s elbow,heel spurs, premature degenerative arthritis, tendonitis, spinal disc disorders, and carpal tunnel syndrome. These are usually byproducts of other activities, and often come as a surprise. Who would have ever thought at the time of the computer revolution that it would launch an epidemic of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Repetitive stress disorders are so damaging because symptoms don’t typically develop until the condition is at an advanced stage, when it is very difficult to treat successfully. The best and most effective way to head off these conditions is prevention of the repetitive stress that causes them. It sounds simple, and it is – but only if you know what motion is creating your repetitive stress. Yoga and Pilates unknowingly disguise these abnormal motions because people usually feel energetic – even euphoric! – following their sessions.

With the ever-increasing popularity of these exercises, I have seen the vast emergence of injuries, striking everyone from beginning students to seasoned instructors. After thorough scientific research and careful biomechanical analysis, I was stunned to discover how many traditional exercises from both health disciplines contribute to abnormal stress on the human body.

I know the preceding statements may seem blasphemous and will shock the yoga and Pilates community, but for a safer standard of practice, I feel practitioners need to be aware of the information provided in this book. Every health system evolves; the Super Human Yoga & Pilates book is my offering to help that process along in respect to yoga and Pilates.


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