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Is Your Yoga and/or Pilates Teacher An Expert?

Often in conversation, when I try to make patients aware of a safer standard of practice, they immediately say their instructor is very knowledgeable and already adheres to a strict safety guideline.

Many yoga and Pilates practitioners respect and admire their teachers so much that they blindly follow their advice without knowing what really qualifies someone as an expert.

How does one really know if their teacher is an expert?  Sadly, it is an abused term that anyone can claim following a weekend or online certification course.

I believe your instructor has a 100% intention of providing safety, but without the knowledge provided in this awareness book, he or she is incapable of truly providing optimum safety and effectiveness for your personal practice.

There are currently no peer-reviewed state or national boards that oversee the safety of yoga and Pilates exercises or the certification of instructors.   Fortunately, both the yoga and Pilates communities have realized the need to establish safer standards and decided to take matters into their own hands.  I congratulate both the Yoga Alliance and the Pilates Method Alliance for taking the first steps towards safer practices.

I believe that the Super Human Yoga & Pilates book will help both of these organizations implement optimal practice standards. Click here to read more.


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  1. 5-16-2013

    Learn yoga from a medical expert and not some random instructor. I recommend this read.

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