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Chronic Low Back Pain

One of my patients, a longtime yoga instructor, came to see me suffering from constant low back pain. I asked her what brought on her condition, and she replied it was probably due to the long periods she spent sitting (lotus position) while observing her class.

I posed a question to her: Since most of us are forced to sit all day, although we understand that doing so it is not beneficial to our backs, then why would you do more of it — in an even more compromised sitting position – and expect a different result?   She got the point. After a thorough biomechanical evaluation, we modified her sitting position, and all of her low back pain symptoms disappeared.

Astonished by this particular case, I began doing research, and found that on a global scale,well-documented abnormal accumulated stressful motions and/or prolonged unbalanced positions that we unknowingly perform in our daily lives are being regularly duplicated during certain yoga and/or Pilates exercises.


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