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Chiropractic Screenings Are Important

By far the most frustrating thing about my practice is that a large majority of my patients come to me because they are experiencing some sort of painful condition.   It frustrates me because most of the time, I could have easily prevented their ailments if only they would have been properly screened by me before the onset of their symptoms.

Our society has got it backwards: We visit health professionals to seek relief rather than take simple, cost-effective measures to prevent pain.  Yoga and Pilates practitioners are particularly resistant to this idea of prevention because they already feel a sense of elation after their sessions, and as a result are not compelled to take any preventative actions.

The euphoric glow often felt during yoga and/or Pilates is similar to the runner’s high experienced by many joggers.  Unfortunately, these effects are merely masking the potential harmful abnormal repetitive stress to the body until it’s too late. While you are feeling bliss, your body may be reaching the tipping point towards developing an injury and/or painful condition.   Too often, we mistakenly assume that if someone is without pain or other symptoms,they are in good health.


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