Laser Rehab Institute


The Laser Rehab Institute of Santa Barbara was established in 1997 in downtown Santa Barbara with the purpose of preventing needless pain and suffering via simple, safe, scientific solutions. Just as dentists find and eliminate small cavities before they become painful toothaches, we at the Laser Rehab Institute utilize a unique, proven protocol to keep your body moving pain-free for life. The time is now to learn and optimize your body’s unique posture blueprint. The Laser Rehab Institute was the first facility in the United States to utilize FDA-approved high-power restorative laser therapy (healing light energy) and one of the first in the world to combine this therapy with an FDA-approved scar tissue reducing shock-wave procedure (pressurized sound waves).

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Kevin Khalili, D.C.


Kevin Khalili, D.C. is the clinical director of the Laser Rehab Institute of Santa Barbara, California. His intention is prevention and his belief is in relief. He has been practicing preventative sports medicine for over 20 years, and has maintained a strong presence in his local tennis community as both doctor and player. He maintains close working relationships with team coaches, teaching pros, and personal trainers. Tennis is not only a passion, but also his main form of exercise.

He truly walks the talk, living the principles he has written about in his books, Super Human Yoga & Pilates and Super Human Tennis.

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Super Human Yoga & Pilates

Super Human Yoga & Pilates – The Book

Super Human Yoga & Pilates reveals how to boost the benefits and reduce the risks of these two popular practices.  Did you know many traditional yoga and Pilates movements are harmful to most body types? How can you tell which movements best suit your unique posture, and which you should avoid? Wouldn’t you like to optimize the safety and effectiveness of your practice? Based in rigorous scientific research and presented in clear, accessible language, this important book is a must for anyone who teaches or practices yoga or Pilates.

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